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House plants and water damage



Some of us are born with a green the family and some of us acquire a love of plants and gardening and there are those who are entirely hopeless for the entirety of their lives. Plastic houseplants were invented to for those hopeless ones but for the other's house plants are an excellent compromise between having an outdoor garden and keeping plants. Houseplants, however, can be great sources of water damage.


Most houseplants are kept inside of pots and if that pot brakes then you may have water seeping out of the plant and you may not even notice it. The earthy smell of mould and mildew may be masked by the smell of the plant and you may not know you have a problem until months later. The best way to deal with the situation is by regularly checking your pots for signs of cracks. Also it is a good idea not to overfill the pot as if you over fill it it may have to do seep down through the bottom.


If you keep plants in window racks they may also cause damage. If they are improperly secured they may leak into the wall of your home and cause damage that way. One way to avoid this is to line the rack with plastic before you put the soil in and therefore no water will seep out. Preparation is the key to preventing water damage when it comes to houseplants.