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New Summer, New Fire Risk Warnings for Temecula Residents


It’s heating up here in Temecula, and swimsuit season is in full force. However, with the Southern California summer comes the Southern California fire risk. Already in the recent days of Summer 2015, Temecula residents have been put on notice regarding potential fire risk to the area. The warning serves as a reminder that the homes of Temecula locals are always at risk of fire damage. Is your family ready for when fire damage strikes? Statistics from the American Red Cross suggest that it probably isn’t.  Luckily, there are some easy steps to take to ensure better preparedness.

Keep Your Property Clear

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection advises homeowners to minimize the presence of flammable brush and material near their homes, effectively creating a “buffer space” between the house and any brush in the area. Removing dead plants from your lawn, moving firewood piles away from the house, and trimming overhanging branches can all contribute to an anti-fire “buffer space”. This space should range from 30 to 100 feet depending on the size of your property.

Make a Plan

With how frequent wildfires occur in Southern California, The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection also advises homeowners to have an emergency plan in place for when a fire strikes. The steps in this plan are as simple as establishing a meeting place for family members after evacuation, establishing escape routes, and arranging emergency contacts. Despite an emergency plan’s simplicity, a shocking amount of families don’t have one in place. By sitting down with your family and hashing out a simple emergency plan, you can ensure that when disaster strikes, everyone will be prepared.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

When a wildfire does strike, there won’t be much you can do to hold back the flames and prevent fire damage. Instead, ensure that you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers fire damage, and know what the procedure is for when the worst happens. You might not be able to stop a wildfire already happening, but you can make sure that any fire damage dealt to your home can be easily repaired once the worst has passed.

In Your Hands

Not a lot of Temecula residents are prepared for when fire damage and wildfires strike. Make yourself the exception! By taking precautionary measures with your property, arranging an emergency plan with your family, and keeping up to speed with your insurance property, you can maximize the safety of both your loved ones and your property.

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