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What Is Black Water


While doing research into the water damage on the Internet you may find the phrase “Black water”. Most people don't know what Black water is, that is until they have first-hand experience of it. The Institute of inspection, cleaning and Restoration certification classifies water damage into three categories.


Category one, is called clean water. This type of what damage usually originates from a clean or sound resource such as a broken clean water supply line clean water from the toilet drink or ball or water from faucets. In other words this is water that has not come into contact with human waste or chemicals.


Category two, is known as greywater. This is water with a high or low level of contaminant in it. This contaminant can be as benign as the overflow over washing machine all the soapy water of the dishwasher.


Category three, is known as Blackwater. This is waterless come in contact with human faecal matter. It is therefore highly dangerous and not something you should clean up on your own. It can be caused by the back flow of a toilet, a sewage backup or by flooding.


When it comes to Black water your best course of action is to call in a quality water damage remediation company. The danger posed to you and your loved ones by handling Black water is immense. Trained professionals with the proper equipment should be called in to handle this type of water. If Black water has started to overflow into your home be aware that the cleanup process will be long.