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The Effects of Water Damage To Commercial Properties


commercial water damage

Commercial water damage to properties has a wider impact than residential water damage. Not only because they have a larger area but also because of the complexity of the mechanical systems. Commercial properties have more people or employees and probably more expensive machines than in homes. That being said, remediation for commercial buildings is much more expensive than for residential properties. As a business owner, it is important to understand how water damage can have negative effects on your commercial building, so you can prevent expensive remediating costs. 

How Can Water Damage Affect Commercial Properties 

1. Damage to Physical Property and Equipment

One of the major impacts of commercial water damage is the harm to the building itself and its contents. Typical businesses are equipped with different electronics used for payment, stock-keeping, or tracking the employees’ working hours. Water damage can also ruin things like supplies or stock that are needed for daily operations. In some instances, manufacturing businesses have specialized equipment that can be harder to replace. 

Furthermore, water damage can compromise the structure of the building, like ceiling, drywall, and flooring. When water seeps through these materials, they can fall off and crumble which may require costly repairs.

2. Health and Safety of the Occupants

Aside from property loss, commercial water damage can have adverse effects on the safety and health conditions of the occupants. Untreated water damage can lead to mold growth and poor indoor air quality. Mold loves to thrive in areas where there is moisture and can pose health risks like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Furthermore, water-damaged equipment or compromised buildings can lead to workplace accidents. 

Blackwater damage to commercial areas can aggravate the already dangerous situation. Blackwater or category 3 is highly contaminated and can cause severe discomfort or sickness to anyone who comes in and out of the building. 

Quick remediation is crucial to ensure the safety of your employees and prevent sluggish production. 

3. Income Loss

One of the biggest effects of water damage to commercial properties is the loss of revenue. This happens when the business makes less than its normal operation. 

A property that cannot be occupied due to water damage has the potential to a loss of rental income. Repairs made for damaged equipment may slow or shut down the business, causing short-term income losses or even loss of customers for a period of time. Income used for remediation services can also lead to profit loss. 

Catching water damage early can prevent further income loss. 

How To Prevent Commercial Water Damage

Though water damage to commercial properties is not uncommon, there are several steps a business owner or manager can take to avoid significant losses.

  1. Regular Maintenance

One of the important ways of avoiding water damage is performing regular building maintenance. This can help prevent property damage and deterioration that can lead to water intrusion. This includes; a visual inspection of all pipes and plumbing systems, updating old plumbing systems and maintaining installed water-related appliances like a water heater. Taking proactive steps in keeping your pipes and plumbing system healthy can help you avoid major leaks that can cause you to close your business. 

  1. Have An Emergency Plan

In case of an emergency, it is important that property owners have a plan in place to prevent significant damage. The plan should include the details of whom to communicate the issue, the person responsible for shutting off the water valves, and the location of the important water systems. It is also important to list down the contact information of the people you may need to reach out to in the event of an emergency. It may be a professional plumber, water damage restoration company, or building supervisors. 

Furthermore, have a plan for how you will manage the interruption of the business. It is best that a commercial building has an option for a temporary office. Also, you should have plans on how to notify clients and employees of the temporary adjustments in case of serious water damage. It is also ideal to protect critical data by backing them up to an external drive or cloud-based system. 

By having an emergency plan in place, your business can easily adjust to changes without having trouble with problems caused by water damage. 

Professional Commercial Restoration Services

When a disaster hits your business, it is crucial to act fast and contact a commercial restoration company immediately. A commercial restoration company, like Superior Restoration, has a wide range of experience and resources that can help bring your property back to its pre-damage condition. 

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