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Superior Restoration is the leading Rancho Santa Margarita water damage clean up company in the Inland Empire. When it comes to flood damage, water extraction and the restoration process, nobody does it better than we do. From the initial dryout to final restoration, we are able to take care of you the entire way. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type of water damage clean up large or small. We not only have the equipment and space to handle the largest flood situations but the staff and commitment to quality that will let us provide a personal touch to the restoration process. When we work with you, you can rest assured that we will strive to make the process as painless as possible.

A leaking water heater can ruin your whole week:

Those homes these days have a water heater and eventually all water heaters leak. They were legal time and maybe not for many years but eventually they do fail and if you're not prepared to the damage can be catastrophic. The average lifespan of attacking style water heater is about 10 years. When you consider that this appliance is in constant everyday use for all of those 10 years it's not so surprising. If you were to drive your car every day 24 hours a day for four as long as you could its life expectancy would be severely cut down.

The most common area where leak begins is at the supply lines leading to and from the water heater. These start to break down with time and unless properly maintained can break down significantly earlier than 10 years. One way to avoid this is to replace plastic or rubber pipes with metal ones. These are much less likely to break down. Think about the location of your water tank right now. Is your water heater a ticking timebomb just behind the Cabinet, kitchen wall or newly renovated garage?

Through proper maintenance and the normal care given to any appliance your water heater can survive much more than 10 years. One way to prolong lifespan of your water heater is to switch it all off if you're going to be away for any length of time. This will take pressure off state and allow it to rest for a bit. In any case should the worst happen the best thing you can do is call in a water damage restoration company to pick up the pieces.

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