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Rapid Structural Drying And Its Four Principles


rapid structural drying

Water damage can happen to anyone at any time without any warnings. It only takes a leaky or clogged pipe, sewage backup or a broken or malfunctioned appliance to cause severe and costly damage. Whatever the cause is, rapid structural drying is necessary to take care of the problem. It will get your life back to normal as soon as possible with minimal money spent on the restoration process.

What Is Rapid Structural Drying

In the past, water damage restoration was time consuming, costly and couldn't dry the property properly. Because of this, secondary damage like mold growth happened

For instance, water flooded a home, affecting the carpet and the underlying material. Professionals would insert air movers under the carpet and allow the air to dry it. Not only this process takes a lot of time to complete, but secondary damage still occurs. This damage is the result of the underlying surface that has absorbed water. When there is high humidity in the area, mold can be formed and can make its way to damage the back lining of the carpet. Mold can pose health hazards to humans and when not resolved as soon as possible, the carpet may need to be discarded.

In today’s process, professionals place the air movers on top of the carpet and facing them at a 45-degree angle that allows spreading air movement around. Unlike in the past where an air mover is placed in every 200-250 square feet, now, an air mover is placed in every 12-16 linear feet. This simply means that if the area is 10 foot by 12-foot size, there should be four air movers in the room. This process might need a lot of equipment, but each one requires lesser electricity and the drying process takes a shorter time.

The Four Principles of the Rapid Structural Drying

Fortunately, Rapid Structural Drying has developed and property owners can get back to their normal life with lesser financial distress. Here are the 4 principles of the drying process;

  • Extraction – Removal of Water

The removal of water in its liquid state is at least 500 times more effective than omitting this measure and directly using dehumidifiers and air movers. With the use of advanced extraction tools like the Water Claw and the Hydro X – Extreme, water removal from carpet and cushion is much more efficient.

  • Airflow – The Evaporation

Once most water has been physically removed, with the use of high-velocity fans the rest of the moisture is evaporated. Recently, modern air movers have become available particularly for rapid structural drying. They provide a large quantity of air movement that requires less energy consumption to become more efficient.

  • Dehumidification – The Balanced Evaporation

The moisture that has dried out of the cushion and the carpet will not just disappear; it will evaporate and turn into water vapor in the air. If a dehumidifier is not present to remove the moisture from the air, other materials that are absorbent in the room can soak up the moisture and might get damaged. The process of drying might be delayed and mold growth would definitely occur.

  • Temperature Control – The Temperature Maintenance

Maintaining a temperature that is between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit is important especially at the first 36- 48 hours of the drying process. Cooler air slows down the evaporation process, thus being warmer than 70 degrees helps in the evaporation process. Air that is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit can impede the effectiveness of the dehumidifier.

The Benefits of Rapid Structural Drying After Water Damage

Responding quickly to water damage in your home of property is very crucial. That is why rapid structural drying is necessary. These are the benefits of rapid structural drying.

  1. It focuses on complete structural drying. Rapid structural drying considers every building element not only the carpet and underlay. It ensures that drying the carpet will not affect other areas of the room.
  2. It saves time and money. As a homeowner, there is nothing important than getting over a disaster quickly and spending a lesser amount of money on the restoration process. Most water damage structures will be fully dried out within three to four days with the use of proper technique and equipment. With that said, the faster the restoration process is the lesser the money spent.
  3. It creates a healthier environment. Rapid drying can prevent lingering moisture from generating mold growth that can deteriorate air quality and cause health issues.
  4. It helps minimize replacement costs. The faster you resolve the issue the lesser the chance of spending more money on replacing structural components.

Water damage is traumatic and can ruin the normal flow of your life and we hope that you will never need water extraction services. But if emergency rise, you can contact Superior Restoration. Superior Restoration professionals are well trained in drying techniques and understand how water damage impacts the lives of our customers. We work as soon as the assessment is done and create a plan that is suitable for your situation. Contact us at the first sign of water damage, 951-309-2123.

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