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Window washing and water damage


Becomes appointed which the windows of your home become so grimy that you either fork out the necessary funds to hire a window washer or you do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself there are some things to consider. You afraid of heights? Do you have the necessary equipment? Are your windows properly sealed? These questions and more should be considered before you make the perilous attempt.


There should be sealant around the windows, also known as caulking. This creates a seal that not only prevents water from getting in but also prevents heat from leaking out of the home and heat and cold from getting into the home. Eventually this starts to wear around and fall apart. If it is worn down sufficiently and you begin cleaning your Windows you may be causing water to enter your home. At the very least you will be causing your windows to trap the water and the resultant warping may cause you endless headache.


You should replace the caulking around your windows at least once every 10 years. If you live in a particularly warm environment may want to do this more often, as the sun drying and cracking the caulking can make it follow that more rapidly. If water has seeped into the window he can cause the window to start to rot and they will be infinitely more work for you in the long run. Basic preventative maintenance can deal with this problem before it arises.