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A House Fire in Winter: 6 Common Harmful Causes

Fire in Winter

Throughout the winter, most of us prefer staying indoors, yearning for the arrival of warmer weather. We tend to overuse our home heating systems to keep ourselves warm during the cold season, increasing the risk of fire in winter months. The longer we spend inside our homes, the higher the likelihood of a house fire […]

Fire Alarm Going Off Randomly: Know the 10 Causes

Fire Alarm Going Off Randomly

Smoke alarms are highly essential in safeguarding your home and loved ones from a potential household fire. But there are times when a fire alarm going off randomly becomes an issue. If this happens, homeowners should not ignore the sound even though they don’t notice or smell smoke.  Fire alarms can detect unseen fires, like […]

Learn These Tips To Clean Cigarette Smoke Off Walls in 2022

how to clean cigarette smoke off walls

“Learn the steps to clean cigarette smoke off walls.” – unknown Cigarette smoke is not only hazardous to your health; it can also cause tar and nicotine residues on your walls and other household things that have prolonged exposure to it. Tar and nicotine stains carry the smelly odor of cigarettes, so cleaning them is […]

Fire Damage FAQ: What is Soot?

Fire Damage FAQ What is Soot

The threat after a house fire can disastrously continue even if the flames have been put out. Smoke and soot damage is responsible for thousands of premature deaths, heart and asthma attacks in the United States and other countries. It can easily spread to your entire property and causes discoloration of walls and ceilings. In […]

How to Prevent Grease Fires: 15 Safety Tips

15 Grease Fire Safety Tips

A lot of people spent more time at home especially in the kitchen when the peak of the pandemic started. Yet, a lot still panic when cooking mishaps happen particularly grease fires. Grease fires are the main culprits of cooking fires and are really dangerous. Knowing how to respond quickly and what action to take […]

What Causes Fire Damage in The Workplace

fire in the workplace

There isn’t much discussion about fire damage in the workplace. However, this is important because, according to statistics, over 481, 500 structure fires occur in business settings in the United States each year. Fire safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance in any property and this comes with knowing the causes of fire […]

Fireplace Safety Tips – Preventing Fire Damage at Home

fireplace safety tips

Fireplace Safety Tips In this season, when the cold, bracing weather begins to set in, nothing beats the beauty and warmth of a nice, crackling fire in a fireplace. However, the joy and warmth you receive from this fire can lead to a disaster when safety precautions are not followed. Keep in mind that heating […]

How To Safely Store Flammable Items At Home

Safely Store Flammable Items At Home

There are plenty of flammable items in our home, from our kitchen to the living room to our bedroom. They are everywhere. While some of them are obvious to cause a house fire and require extra precautions, many are not many. And, often, many homeowners do not know how to properly and safely store these […]

Discover Effective Methods for Cleaning Up Soot and Ash After a Wildfire

Cleaning Up Soot and Ash After A Wildfire

Cleaning Up Soot and Ash After A Wildfire While wildfires are a part of nature and can be beneficial to vegetation, animals, and ecosystems surrounding the fire, they can be deadly and damaging. In the U.S., wildfires can cause millions of dollars in property damage to nearby homes and businesses. The fires can destroy all […]