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Learn These Tips To Clean Cigarette Smoke Off Walls in 2022


how to clean cigarette smoke off walls

“Learn the steps to clean cigarette smoke off walls.” – unknown

Cigarette smoke is not only hazardous to your health; it can also cause tar and nicotine residues on your walls and other household things that have prolonged exposure to it. Tar and nicotine stains carry the smelly odor of cigarettes, so cleaning them is the most powerful way to remove the cigarette smoke scent in an area of your home. This article will discuss the steps to clean cigarette smoke off walls.

Steps to Clean Cigarette Smoke Off Walls​

Tar and nicotine stains visibly found on your ceiling and walls are yellowish in color. Indeed, it looks unpleasant and is potentially threatening, as thirdhand smoke on the home's surfaces can lead to serious health issues, just like secondhand smoke.

Clearing away smoke stains can be tough, specifically if the area has been exposed to nicotine for a long time. Repeating the steps below over a few days may be necessary if you can still see some smoke residues.

Keep in mind the given cleaning procedure:

1. Vacuuming

Begin the clearing method by gently cleaning the walls using a vacuum with an upholstery brush attachment. It will help clear away any loose scraps.

2. Cleaning solutions

a. Create a cleaning mixture with a gallon of hot water, ½ cup of baking soda, and three tablespoons of dishwashing soap.

Scrub the walls with this mixture using a clean rag. Do it in small sections, then dry each portion of the wall with a clean cloth right after to prevent saturating the drywall.

b. Another choice is to combine a cup of undiluted vinegar (apple cider of white vinegar), ammonia, or lemon juice into a spray bottle. Before spraying the solution, protect yourself by wearing gloves and protective eyewear. Open your windows and turn on the fan to boost ventilation.

Spray your selected mixture on the affected area of the wall and scrub the stains using a sponge. Then rinse the sponge thoroughly in clean water, squeeze it out, and wipe the walls using fresh water. Dry the walls right after to prevent the drywall from water damage.

c. For stubborn stains, try making another solution by combining 1/4 cup of salt and about 1/4 cup of warm water. Apply this solution directly onto the affected area, then lightly scrub the site with a clean cloth to clear away the stain and buildup.

If scrubbing doesn't work, put some baking soda on another clean rag and wipe down any remaining blemish.

d. If the smoke smell persists, combine  1/4 cup of vodka and two cups of warm water into a spray bottle and spray the mixture directly onto the affected part right after cleaning the site. Let the solution dry thoroughly before allowing anyone in the room.

You may need to redo the procedure if the nicotine smell and stains remain. It takes time, but patience and determination will pay off.

3. Sanding

Removing the smoke blemishes from textured walls can be difficult. You can use a drywall sander that has fine-grit paper to make the removal job manageable. However, this step may impair or discolor the wall and ceiling's surface.

If you prefer another way, try using an adhesive remover fluid to fade out the tar and nicotine marks before scrubbing them with your chosen cleaning solution.

4. Repainting

After doing the above-mentioned steps and the odor still persists, you may have to repaint the affected sites and consider changing drapes and carpeting.

Wait a day or two to ensure the walls have dried thoroughly. Then, apply a primer specially formed to inhibit smell and stop stains from seeping through.

Lastly, apply your chosen colored paint. It is best to paint the entire room to avoid having uneven color on your walls and ceiling.

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