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Slab Leak – Meaning, Causes, and Signs



Slab Leak: Meaning, Causes, and Signs

In a simple definition, a slab leak is an opening or crack in the copper pipes that run beneath your concrete home's foundation. It can be a few leaks or a significant fissure. The home's foundation has two sides where slab leaks commonly appear – the pressure side and the drainage side. It is generally noticeable when a slab leak occurs at the foundation's drainage side. However, when this leak appears at the foundation's pressure side, it takes some time to be identified since it is hard to see any leak-warning signs. Being observant and knowing the signs of a slab leak is necessary to prevent further damage to your property. 


Slab leaks occur when there is excessive motion on the foundation, specifically when the pipes are PVC. Newer homes use PEX or flexible water lines. They can move with the slab motion. 


What are the Causes?

The natural motion of the ground beneath the home can possibly cause slab leaks. But it can also be a result of other reasons:

  1. Incorrectly-built Foundation

The foundation is an essential part of a building, residential or commercial, and the hardest to repair since the house or building is sitting on it. If your home is recently built but already encountering a slab leak, you may want to have it checked by a professional or a home inspector. They can tell if probably your home's foundation or its plumbing system is improperly constructed.

  1. Movement of the Ground

The soil underneath our houses continuously moves. In some areas, strong movements from underground waterways and soil erosion or earthquakes can cause fissures in the pipes which lead to unwanted leaks.

  1. The friction that may Lead to Deterioration

At times, pipes rub against your solid foundation and other elements leading to deterioration which could cause leaks eventually. Also, hot water pipes usually swell or shrink because of water flow. It contributes to the worsening of water lines. 

  1. Water Corrosion

Both soft and heavy liquids can result in the corrosion of pipes. And over time, it can lead to significant slab leaks. Also, cold and hot water lines wear down because of chemical and temperature effects. 

  1. Older Home

Older homes usually have outdated and aged pipes. And pipes deteriorate as they become older, leading to friction and corrosion that can cause leaks.

What are the Warning Signs?

Slab leak detection can be too costly. Know what the signs are:

  • Damp flooring or carpets
  • Mold beneath the carpets
  • Musty smell 
  • The sound of running water and the water meter keeps moving even though the faucets are all shut off
  • The water bill is higher than usual
  • Decreasing water pressure
  • Unusual hot spots on the floor that you did not see before

How About the Slab Leak Repair Costs?

The cost of a slab leak repair varies, depending on the degree of the pipe damage. The average price is about $2000. Still, it is less expensive than dealing with a breaking and crumbling concrete foundation on your property. 

Water Damage Specialists Know Best

Slab leaks usually occur in older homes or buildings constructed on solid foundation slabs. Once you identify any signs of slab leaks on your property, it is crucial to contact a water damage specialist like Superior Restoration. Our team of experts is well-trained and has the necessary tools and equipment to detect and repair this type of water leak issue, preventing further water damage to your home. 

Feel free to call our good company today for more details about our mold and water damage services. We are readily available to assist you 24/7 with your emergency situation. 

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