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Didn’t I just fix that? How to break the pattern of water damage



It is a universal fact that something that can go wrong will go wrong. Entropy is always there waiting around the corner to leap out at you and start destroying things. It always seems that just when you've completed the task that you have to do it again. Imagine that you are writing an article for a newspaper and just before it's done and right before you click save your computer crashes. If the plumbing system in your home is not maintained then it is just like that computer. It appears to be running well right up until the moment where it's not.

If you purchase a house and lived there for years but during that time spent no time at all maintaining the plumbing system on your home eventually something will go wrong. It is all the more likely that many things are about to go wrong and they will start to happen in a domino effect. How can this be prevented? Preventative maintenance is the best way if you maintain the planning system of your home before it starts to show any problems it is much less likely to start showing problems.

Do not patch a pipe rather than replacing it if replacing it is what is required. There is an old saying about doing a job well and that especially applies to plumbing. If you look at the plumbing job as something you just get over with as fast as possible you will overlook things and it may become worse.