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Water Damage in the Work Place


The modern employee lives in such a hectic world. We have such pressing calls upon us the little things in the office can be neglected. Between the filing, copying, working on the computer, juggling phone calls and communicating with other employees. It’s easy to let little thing slip. You may not notice the first signs of water damage that can lead to massive amounts of damage in the future. But, if you can catch it earlier you can save yourself time, headache and your company money.

Of all the places in your office that are mostly likely to be a source of water damage, the bathroom is chief among, that cheeky bathroom! Toilets are only designed to deal with certain things being flushed down them. Any paper other than toilet paper being flushed, such as paper towels, hygiene products or any other non-toilet paper items can lead to blockages, which become backups, which will lead to your office being evacuated do to the smell. The overflow from toilets is considered toxic. This is known as, black water, and should not be handled with out wearing proper safety equipment.

A source of water damage that is difficult to avoid could originate from a burst pipe in the ceiling or in the wall. Often the first sign of water leaking a discoloration of floors and walls. Next, there will be a fowl mildew moldy smell. Which leads to the development of potentially toxic mold. Mold spores have been known to exacerbate health problems in those with pre-existing breathing issues. Once mold has dug it claws into your office building, it is time to call in professional help. You should seek professional assistance from a quality water damage restoration company.